The Big Data for Social Justice Foundation was launched in January 2017 to raise public awareness of the role that Big Data can play in addressing community, national, and global issues of social justice.

The rise of Big Data and analytics is enabling organizations and individuals to utilize new data and analytics techniques and approaches to identify patterns of social inequity and organize resources to address and correct these inequities where they exist.  The range of social issues where Big Data and analytics can be brought to bear to provide a deeper understanding of the scope and magnitude of inequities extends across complex issues including global hunger and disease, income and social inequality, criminal justice and mass incarceration, legal reform, ecology and climate change, political unrest and social change, and economics and productivity.

The Big Data for Social Justice Foundation’s intent is to integrate, synthesize, and communicate public, private, corporate, academic, and individual initiatives designed to improve social justice based on applying Big Data and analytics, and to assist in the promotion and coordination of efforts across initiatives.  The Foundation operates as a not-for-profit entity leveraging the time and resources of many independent individuals and groups committed to using Big Data and analytics to support social justice initiatives.